Learning to become a better dancer shouldn't be a chore.  It should be fun, exciting, rewarding, but most of all...easy.  Our classes move slowly and focus on the finer details that will make all the difference in your improvement.  Plus, class sizes (for dance classes) are kept small to provide more individual attention, so you'll never share a room with 50 other people.   You'll also never have to worry about bringing a dance partner with you.  All of our instructors rotate dancers during group classes, so you'll always get a chance to dance with someone new.  Our instructors are also trained to break down the music and the steps to make it easy for anyone to find the rhythm to dance in tempo.  They'll also encourage you and support you in your progress so you'll be confident the next time you step on to the dance floor.  At La Luna we make it easy to become a better dancer, just let us show you how.

Taking classes at La Luna is also an easy way to meet people, spend quality time with your significant other, or just stay active.  We encourage you to visit our beautiful location in Bristol, PA (suburb of Philadelphia and only a 25 minute ride from downtown), opened in May of 2003,  to better understand what differentiates us from other dance studios. You'll soon see that our facility, our faculty, and our focus on students combine to create a dynamic unlike anything you'll find elsewhere. Thank you for your interest in La Luna, the premier Salsa dance studio in Philadelphia.

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