The Ballroom Dance Program at La Luna includes classes in SOCIAL BALLROOM and DANCESPORT.(Dancesport is only offered through private lessons).   The Social Ballroom program teaches classes according to the American Style syllabus.  American Style ballroom dancing is found in the United States and is considered primarily a social style with less emphasis on technique and competition.  The DanceSport competitive ballroom dancing program at La Luna teaches classes according to the International Style syllabus, which is danced all over the world and places a much greater focus on precision movements and technique.

Both Group and Private Lessons are available on Thursdays. Please check our
CLASS CALENDAR to determine which days work best for you to take Ballroom Group Classes. To schedule a PRIVATE LESSON, please call our main telephone number to check instructor availability. Ballroom Practice Sessions are held every Thursday from 9:30-10:30PM and are free for La Luna Active Members.
The Ballroom Program consists of the following Group Classes:

Social Ballroom Classes
Social Ballroom 1
Required: None
Duration: 4 weeks

Description: Social Ballroom 1 is a beginner course appropriate for those who have never taken lessons to learn American Ballroom dancing. Concepts taught in this class are critical to understand future technique and terminology throughout the program.  Check the SOCIAL BALLROOM page for a list of start dates for this year's Social Ballroom 1 classes.  The usual dances that are taught are Waltz and Foxtrot.

Social Ballroom 2
Required: Social Ballroom 1
Duration: 6 Months                                                                                 

Description:  In this class, students will continue learning Waltz and Foxtrot and master all of the basic 15 steps in these 2 dancers.

Social Ballroom 3
Required: Social Ballroom 2
Duration: 10 Months

Description:  There are 2 classe for Level 3:  Foxtrot/Rumba and Waltz/Viennese Waltz.  Check the class schedule for exact dates and times.


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