DanceSport group lesson program is currently not offered at La Luna, however, you can take private lessons to learn DanceSport and participate in the competitions.

The word Ballroom denotes a room where balls, or formal social dances, may be held. Balls were important social events in the days before radio and television (as in 'having a ball'). The word 'ball' is derived from the Latin 'balare' meaning 'to dance'. This is also the origin of the related words: ballet, ballerina, ballad, etc.

The Ballroom Dance Program at La Luna includes classes in SOCIAL BALLROOM and DANCESPORT. The Social Ballroom program teaches classes according to the American Style syllabus.  American Style ballroom dancing is found in the United States and is considered primarily a social style with less emphasis on technique and competition.  The DanceSport competitive ballroom dancing program at La Luna teaches classes according to the International Style syllabus, which is danced all over the world and places a much greater focus on precision movements and technique.

International DanceSport has just recently been accepted as a possible new sport in the Summer Olympic Games.  The International Olympic Committee will make a ruling after the Summer Games of Beijing in 2008.  International DanceSport competitors are required to follow a standardized syllabus in four different levels including Pre-Bronze, Bronze, Silver, and Gold. There are two divisions of International ballroom dance called Latin and Standard. The DanceSport competitive ballroom dancing program is a perfect choice for people who are naturally competitive, fit, and those who strive for excellence.

Students starting their training in DanceSport without experience must begin at the Pre-Bronze level. It is recommended that students begin by studying both Latin and Standard to develop a well rounded understanding of all 10 competitive dances. At this time, training in DanceSport is only available through Private Lessons.

Standard Dances: Waltz, Tango, Viennese Waltz, Foxtrot, Quickstep

Latin Dances: Cha Cha, Samba, Rumba, Pas Doble, Jive


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