Silvana Gallagher is known as one of the top professional Hustle and Theater Arts dancers in the United States. Having a successful 12 year career with her partner, Brian Gallagher, Silvana is now working towards becoming one of the countries top Dance Instructors in her field of Hustle. Her mission is to inspire, create, and achieve artistic dancing.

Silvana's dance career began in 1988. She started with a local Ballet and Jazz dance company, in Doylestown, PA. Though Ballet and Jazz were her start, partner dancing was her true passion. Three years later she moved on and into the city of Philadelphia for formal Ballroom and Latin training. She has not stopped since.

In 1992, shortly after starting her training in Ballroom and Latin, Silvana was introduced to Hustle and Brian Gallagher and together they trained and pursued a competitive career in Hustle and Theater Arts. Though Hustle became her competitive dance, Silvana never stopped training as a dancer. She continued and still continues her coaching in Hustle, Jazz, Ballroom, Latin and has
added dances to her repertoire since, such as West Coast Swing and Salsa.

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