CONGRATULATIONS! Engagement is an exciting time for any couple. A time filled with lots to do in very little time. But it's important to remember that your wedding is a once in a lifetime event and you owe it to each other to make it everything you've ever dreamed. We commend you for thinking so much of your special day to consider your First Dance. It can truly make or break your reception. This is your once chance to show your friends and family how you've got the moves of Ginger Rogers or Tigger from Winnie the Pooh?.

Our expert faculty can choreograph a First Dance just for you and your fiancé that will have your guests star-struck. Our comprehensive range of dance programs ensures that your personal style can be reflected whether it?s something elegant and traditional like the Foxtrot or Viennese Waltz or something spicy like Salsa or Argentine Tango. With a little time and dedication we will help you look great.

We encourage you to visit our location in Bristol Township, PA to better understand what differentiates us from other dance studios. You'll soon see that our facility, our faculty, and our focus on students combine to create a dynamic unlike anything you will find elsewhere.

Instructors are available to teach Private Lessons for your Wedding Dance Monday - Wednesday during the afternoons and evenings. To schedule or check availability for Private Lessons, please call our main telephone number and let them know you're preparing for your Wedding Dance. Pricing for Private Lessons varies based upon instructor and the number of people taking the lesson. To see our regular daily prices, click here PRICE LIST. We recommend taking at least 6 private lessons and to start no later then 3 months before your wedding.  If you have more time, we recommend a 12 lesson package.  We appreciate your interest and once again CONGRATULATIONS!

If you are interested in booking La Luna Dance Studio for your wedding or any other function, please contact our sister company, Falls Manor Catering & Special Events at (215) 943-7070 or visit

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